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When our thoughts and practices around cities and work are integrated into our faith, flourishing happens for everyone.

Cities require individuals working competently in the service of others to create flourishing--just systems, wealth creation, places for dining and recreating, and a built environment that nurtures positive human interaction. Flourishing is a work of intentional cultivation. 


The city is also the image God chooses to describe the realization for what he intended from the beginning for all of his creation. People of faith care about making cities flourish; it can be traced back to humanity's commission given from God in a garden.


God intended shalom, universal flourishing and delight, and he asked humanity to work with him to make it a reality. In other words, flourishing happens increasingly when we understand cities and work from the perspective of Christian faith.

This site is about leaning into these questions alongside someone who has been commissioned to pursue them in his work.

Two New Convos

Over the last few decades, two major conversations within global Christianity have evolved into movements. The City Movement is a little younger but has gained traction globally more quickly than the Faith & Work Movement, which has been developing for many decades. Each has its own thought-leaders, conferences, and practitioners.


They must come together. Cities will be powerfully transformed when these two movements become one.


It is a rare opportunity to collide these two parallel movements professionally and educationally in a doctoral program, which is why the author is using this space to work out his thoughts for others to review, challenge, and encourage. This site shares original content from the author relevant to both movements, mixed in with personal reflections on various other topics, too.


Tropical Leaves


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