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"When our beliefs, feelings, and actions concerning our work and the places we live are integrated into our faith, human flourishing increases for everyone."

Over the last few decades, two major conversations within global Christianity have evolved into distinct movements. The City Movement is a little younger but has gained traction and cohesion more quickly than the Faith, Work, and Economics Movement, which has been developing for many decades. 


Each has its own thought-leaders, conferences, and organizations. They are growing separately in the academy, and while some churches have recently turned their attention to one or the other, or both, neither movement has implanted significantly into the local church.


The necessary convergence is the coming together and subsequent alignment of these two global movements. This blog was created to contribute to that vision. Work matters to God, neighbors, and cities, and it points to the ultimate reality of God's vision - a perfect city where God, humanity, and all creation experience life as God intended it. In Scripture, it is the New Jerusalem. I like to call it Shalom City.


To this end, I'm teaming up with leaders in other cities who want to see these two movements converge. I'm humbled to partner with them see these two parallel movements learn from one another and work together.


I have the rare opportunity to work toward this convergence in my paid work at Denver Institute for Faith & Work and through CityGate. I enjoyed a similar opportunity as the founder of For Evansville, which is now actively converging these two movements, and by completing a doctoral degree in faith, work, economics, and vocation.  


This is a space to work out my thoughts for others to review, challenge, and encourage. This blog shares original content relevant to both movements, mixed in with personal reflections on various other topics, too.

Cities Matter!

Work Matters!

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Want to talk about the intersection of faith and work, city transformation, and/or how they all converge?


Honestly, I'd be thrilled to hear from you. Let's learn together. Drop me a message in the form, and I'll get back to you.

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